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White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance
International Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Alliance

Nhan Danh: (971) 249-2434
Brandon Ha: (503) 473-4509

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8318 Southeast Harney Street
Portland, OR, 97266
United States

(971) 249-2434

White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance is the only not for profit team in the Portland, Oregon area. We came together as a group of inspirational young individuals that wanted a way to not only benefit local charities, but also to spread cultural awareness, while bonding as a group and having fun in the process.

Nhan Danh


As the team’s Drummer for the last decade or so, I noticed what the rest of the team doesn’t when they’re under the Lion. I have watched my team performed hundreds of shows in front of audiences from all-over. I notice not only how the Lion performs but most important, how the audience members react to what we do. I am able to give feedback to my team after every show on what I observed so that we can focus on what to work on more or less to bring out the best of our abilities and to always leave the audience in awe. I have also become aware of certain cues or habits of the dancers and know exactly what beat to play when/where and being 100% positive that the dancers know to react to that beat even if it was not rehearsed during practice or was something apart from our routine. And that’s what makes me feel more connected than ever with the team. We have bonded closely with each other and through the bond, we have been aware and familiar with each other’s cues, beats, and habits both on and off stage.

Now that I have nearly spent 2 decades of my life under the lion and behind the drums, I am relieved that I can now step away from that part of the team and observe from a new perspective. Being able to manage the team throughout performances, choreograph new routines, and directing the instrumental team is a very fortunate position to be in. My goal with Lion Dancing ever since my dad taught me, was to continue to share this passion with others as I grew up. This sport, hobby, and art defines who I am. I have grown up with teammates who are like brothers and sisters to me. I have met friends across the states who I view as mentors. I have found teams that I believe has had an impact on my view in Lion Dancing that I want my team to shadow after. Most important, I have found something that I will forever be passionate about and continue to improve on as I grow older. I am very proud to be apart of the White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance Organization family, I am proud of how far my team and I has come along, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us in team growth, team building, and team bonding.