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White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance
International Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Alliance

Nhan Danh: (971) 249-2434
Brandon Ha: (503) 473-4509

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8318 Southeast Harney Street
Portland, OR, 97266
United States

(971) 249-2434

White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance is the only not for profit team in the Portland, Oregon area. We came together as a group of inspirational young individuals that wanted a way to not only benefit local charities, but also to spread cultural awareness, while bonding as a group and having fun in the process.

Mary Tran


Hi, I'm Mary and I was first introduced to White Lotus from my brother Kai. I watched my brother perform on stage and that's when it sparked interest in me. I joined the team and now I am learning to do everything. Currently, I am one of the first girls on the team to perform the drum for our performances. While a part of the team, I have learned a lot from Tam, Man, and the rest of the team. Likewise, everyone on this team is really welcoming, friendly and fun to be around. Being with the White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance Team, I will continue to practice and gain more experience.