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White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance
International Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Alliance

Nhan Danh: (971) 249-2434
Brandon Ha: (503) 473-4509

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8318 Southeast Harney Street
Portland, OR, 97266
United States

(971) 249-2434

White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance is the only not for profit team in the Portland, Oregon area. We came together as a group of inspirational young individuals that wanted a way to not only benefit local charities, but also to spread cultural awareness, while bonding as a group and having fun in the process.

Dylan Vo


I joined White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance Team when I was 14, I was introduced to this team by Brandon Ha and Phillip Vinh. Every year during Lunar New Years I would always look forward to the Lion dance performance's, so joining this team gave me the chance of learning how to dance with the lion. Joining this team I had no prior knowledge of Lion dance, I hope someday I will be able to master the art of a lion tail. My first day joining they were very welcoming. For me lion dancing is another way for me to represent my culture and heritage. Joining WLLD was one of the best life decisions I've made in my life. Although sometimes I wanna stop practicing and take a break they know when and how to push me out of my comfort zone and keep on pushing me so I can become better. I love the atmosphere and vibes that people in this team gives off, it makes it truly like a family thing.