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White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance Association, LLC
International Kun Seng Keng Lion & Dragon Dance Alliance

Nhan Danh: (971) 249-2434
Brandon Ha: (503) 473-4509

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13003 Southeast Highway 212
Clackamas, OR, 97015
United States

(971) 249-2434

White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance came together as a group of inspirational young individuals that wanted a way to not only benefit local charities but also to spread cultural awareness while bonding as a group and having fun in the process.


Dragon Dance

It is common to mistake a dragon and a lion. The lion is a ground animal, has 4 legs, and requires 2 people to perform. The chinese dragon on the other hand, is a creature that can fly through the air with its serpent-like body and requires more than six people to perform depending on the size of the dragon. A truly spectacular dragon performance can incorporate many skills and formations and requires the utmost teamwork, coordination, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance Association is proud to be one of only a few teams in the state that offers a dragon performance.

Our dragon dance offerings:

  • 8 person dragon with dragon pearl leader
  • Full dragon instrumental team performance
  • Special lucky scroll drops and confetti endings

Death defying, heart pounding performances. Balance, unity, excitement, beauty, passion, tradition, are just a few words that l can use to try and describe what l think you represent.
— Facebook Review, 2017