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      • White Lotus Dragon and Lion Dance Organization is the only not for profit team in the Portland, Oregon area. We came together as a group of inspirational young individuals that wanted a way to not only benefit local charities, but also to spread cultural awareness, while bonding as a group and having fun in the process.
      • We do many performances in the Portland area every year for Lunar New Year, conventions, grand opening celebrations, weddings, birthdays, and general charity events.

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ABOUT US - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is lion dancing?

    Lion dancing is traditionally a cultural performance, popular in many countries in East Asia. It has been around for millennia and was traditionally used to scare away evil spirits, as well as to bring joy, prosperity, and good fortune to all those involved. Today, it remains as an exciting activity that is not only an exhilarating hobby but also as a way to hold onto the awe-inspiring traditions of generations past.

  • What type of Lion Dance style does White Lotus perform?

    Lion dancing as an art has evolved over many years and today many groups, including White Lotus, has adopted what is commonly called Contemporary Style Hok San Southern Lion Dancing, heavily promoted by Sifu Siow of Malaysia over the last few decades. It is the style most popularly seen today in the yearly International Lion Dance competitions and greatly emphasizes animal-like expressions and movements, as well as stunning skills and acrobatics. More advanced groups have also worked up to the ability to perform amazing stunts on tables and high poles (called Jongs). When watching one of our performances, make sure to notice the attention to detail we put into mimicking natural animalistic tendencies.

    White Lotus also performs the dragon dance. What is the difference between dragon and lion dancing?

    The mythical dragon is a serpent-like creature that lives in the water and can soar through the air. The dragon dance is performed by a team of dancers (typically 8-10) that carries the image of the dragon on poles. The dragon dance is also performed with the dragon always seen chasing a pearl--which symbolizes the continual pursuit of wisdom.

  • What organizations do our proceeds go on to support?

    All of our revenue, after accounting for necessary expenses and equipment upgrades, have proceeded to benefit local charities and organizations in the past. We are the proud primary sponsor for the Minh Quang Buddhist Youth Association, where a lot of our members met each other and grew up in. Every year, we also sponsor MQ's annual scholarship program offered to graduating high school seniors. Other than that, every year we decide as a group which local charity to contribute the rest of our funds to.

    Check out Minh Quang Buddhist Youth Association - Portland, Oregon
    GĐPT Minh Quang

    Where are some of the places/events that we have performed in the past?

    Click here to see a short portfolio of the examples of places that have hired our organization for a performance. We primarily serve the greater Portland metropolitan area and surrounding cities but have often made accomodations for further distances.

    Portland Lion Dance's Portfolio and References

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  • Thomas Trinh - new Buddha talent - White Lotus Dragon & Lion Dance Portland


    Daniel Trinh - young Portland lion Dance talent on White Lotus

    Kevin Phuoc Le - young lion dancer Portland enthusiast



    How do I join the team?

    We hold practices between 10 and 6 every week on Sundays at our facility in SE Portland. If you interested in joining and would like more information, please call or email us using our contact form.